30 May 2016

Fashion || Dainty Summer Accessories with JewelleryBox

Fashion || Dainty Summer Accessories with JewelleryBox
When it comes to jewellery, I have expensive taste. Not just because I like the finer things in life (who doesn't?!) but because I have a metal allergy meaning cheaper costume jewellery often leaves me with rashes which isn't fun in anyones book. For me buying a new necklace or ring had to be more of an investment so something I rarely got to do. So, when I discovered JewelleryBox and their range of affordable sterling silver & 9ct gold jewellery at the Big Blogger Conference last year it was a revelation. I could finally treat myself to all sorts of pretty pieces and switch up my day time accessories without it breaking the bank. I thought I'd share with you the latest bits I've picked up.

27 May 2016

Beauty || MAC Whirl Lipstick & Lip Liner Review

Beauty || MAC Whirl Lipstick & Lip Liner Review Over the last year, the amount of nude lipsticks in my collection has grown rapidly. I've gone from only owning Velvet Teddy because it was a cult product (anyone else do this?!) and leaving it barely used for a good three months to having a massive collection of nude lipsticks including a massive haul of Kylie Jenner-esque ones from Colour Pop (but more on that in another post..). So, when I won a £25 Debenhams voucher at work I thought I'd treat myself to another of MAC's cult nude lipsticks Whirl and picked up the matching lip liner to team it with.

25 May 2016

Food & Drink || Tommi's Burger Joint Chelsea

Food & Drink || Tommi's Burger Joint Review
When it comes to being a little bit naughty, burgers are up there with my favourite cheat foods. Because of this, they're also one of my fail safe orders when I try somewhere new, I mean you can't go far wrong with a burger and fries right?! So after plans to indulge ourselves with a bloggers BBQ fell through; Jenny, Urika, Lauren and I decided to get our burger fix at Tommi's Burger Joint on Kings Road, Chelsea instead.

23 May 2016

Life Lately || Sunny Day Essentials for Sun Awareness Week

Life Lately || Sunny Day Essentials for Sun Awareness Week
After April's yo-yoing weather, May has been a breath of fresh air and it finally feels like summer is on the way. While my first reaction was to spend as much time as possible out in the garden in search of a healthy glow, being pale means I have to be extremely careful in the sun. I have to admit though, much like 80% of people surveyed by the British Association of Dermatologists for Sun Awareness Week, I often forget to apply sunscreen before going out in the sun and it's certainly rare that I remember to reapply every two hours after. However, last autumn I suffered a bad case of heat stroke which knocked me out of routine for a good few days and I felt so awful that I made the promise to myself that I never let this happen again and to be a lot more careful in the sun. So when I saw the weather forecast for the weekend my first thought was, aside from stocking up the fridge and freezer with cold beverages and snacks, make sure I didn't end up burnt.

20 May 2016

Friday Favourites || My Favourite Blog Posts In May

My Favourite Blog Posts This Month Earlier this week I came to a realisation. As I spend a lot of my commute reading and most of my evenings on Twitter and Bloglovin', I have discovered some absolutely amazing blogs, many of whom I look forward to reading each and every new post they write. Despite usually liking, tweeting or commenting on posts, I don't really do enough to share content I have really enjoyed reading. So, I thought I'd share with you ten of my favourite posts over the last month;
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