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Before I start this post I want to send a big thank you to all the lovely ladies who attended this in particular Lauren (Blonde Vision) who organized the event.
So on Sunday I attended #MyChocBloggers which was held at  My Chocolate over in Islington, N1. They specialize in chocolate making classes, because I mean who doesn’t love chocolate?! The day started with an ice breaker, which I sadly missed, a combination of the Central line being partly closed and struggling to find the location while wearing heels made me arrive just as the class itself started. A bit of advice to anyone who wants to book with the company, check out the location on Google Maps first, it will save you the same fate as me!
The class was held by Davis, who taught us how to tell the quality of a piece of chocolate and the difference between a lower and higher quality chocolate. He also told us about ingredients to avoid, namely palm oil, which not only has lots of nasty environmental connotations, but also is used to make all sorts of chemical products so is not so good for your health yucky huh?! After this, we had lemon and poppyseed and ginger flavoured chocolates to taste test and we were told how to make out own flavoured chocolate at home. I really felt like I learnt a lot, Davis’ passion for his job was really contagious!
Next, Davis showed us how to make our own truffles. We were split into pairs and using 6 parts chocolate to 3 parts cream made a ganache. It was super fun, all be it a bit messy! After portioning them out, we rolled them out and dipped and decorated them along with marshmallows some rather yummy fudge. There was a choice of both dark and milk chocolate to dip into and strawberry curls, white chocolate, coconut and caramelized nuts to top with.
Most people ended up with some chocolates worthy of the some rather posh chocolate shops, however, mine ended up looking more like some kind of modern art instalation, oops. They still tasted amazing though!  


If you fancy being a chocolatier for the day yourself, My Chocolate also run a sister company called The Chocolate Hedgehog which specialize in delivering chocolate making kits to your home which come complete with everything you need to make your own truffles, fudge and flavoured chocolate complete with a step by step guide.
This was my first ever blogger event and I’m certain it won’t be my last, again thank you to My Chocolate and everyone who attended! So great to meet you all!
*note; we received the chocolate workshop at a discounted price however all views are my own

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  • We got a taxi in the end, otherwise I probably would have ended up taking a wrong turn and wading the canal at some point!! Great photos of the day!! See you at another event soon hopefully,
    Laura x

  • It was lovely to meet you on Sunday Fran! Had such a fun afternoon 🙂

  • Looks delicious!! You're making me crave chocolate haha


  • Georgiana Teglas

    Wow, this sounds like such a lovely event. I think it`s so cool when you get to know other bloggers and also learn something new. The photos are great, made me crave for chocolate so bad.

  • Ommmmmg chocolateeeee. Who doesn't love chocolate :0 I so want that. Looks sooo delicious ^.^ Great pictures.

    By the way. you have a wonderful blog 🙂 I LOVE IT 😀

  • Your chocolates look about as professional as mine did – my mum told me they looked good but she has to say that right?! Love your pics x


  • I was pretty close to falling in the canal.. I'm not gonna lie :')
    Hopefully see you soon! xx

  • Great to meet you too!
    Hope to see you soon 😀 xx

  • They tasted a lot better than they looked, that's for sure! 😀
    I'm always craving chocolate! xx

  • It's definitely a great idea to get involved in blogger meets, so much fun!

  • My mum said the same! I think they have to say that though?! Yours did look a lot better than mine though! 🙂

  • Thank you very much! 🙂
    I'd recommend trying it, it's a bit messy but it's SO worth it 😀

  • Wow this really looks like a lot of fun. the chocolate you made actually looks quite good – especially compared to what I'd probably make if I was there. I love the idea of The Chocolate Hedgehog, that would be a lot of fun x


  • Great pictures!! 🙂 Had such a great day. So nice to meet you x

  • Looks like you had a great day out 🙂 That chocolate looks yummy!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  • Oh my goodness, I wish I could have been at this! haha we have nothing along the lines of this in Ireland and as a chocolate lover this is right up my street x