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April 18, 2015

As you may have gathered from this blog I am a huge Makeup Revolution fan. They constantly seem to have a stream of new, great quality products, many of them dupes for high end brands without the high end price tags. One of my all time favourite launches from the brand, and I do have a lot of products I love from them, has to be the Blushing Hearts. It’s a range of triple baked highlighters, bronzers and blushes that are designed in the same style as Too Faced iconic Sweethearts blush. The reason I say in the same style as, is although the original Sweetheart blush has been around for a good few years in comparison to Makeup Revolution’s, Two Faced’s offering only has 3 shades available vs the 12 Blushing Heart’s which not only includes blushes but also bronzers and highlighters. You know it says something for a “dupe” when they not only take the idea and design but improve upon it the range offered. Something Makeup Revolution are extremely good at doing.

Although the Blushing Hearts come in cardboard packaging, I’ve found this to be extremely sturdy and despite using “Goddess of Love” almost every day as a highlighter, the only damage it’s suffered it a few foundation marks from me being a mucky pup.

The colour pay off from this range is amazing, so much so I have to be extremely careful with the self titled “Blushing Hearts” which by the way is a dead ringer for Two Faced’s “Something About Berry”, because too much and I end up looking a bit too flushed if you know what I mean. This means I don’t use this every day, and would be more suitable to someone who was less pale than myself. Hence why I’ve ordered myself “Peachy Pink Kisses”, again another dupe for Two Faced’s “Peach Beach” which gives a lovely summer glow and “Candy Queen of Hearts” not pictured which seems more my shade. That’s another thing I love about this range. They have a good range for every single skin tone.

All in all, I love love love these and get super excited when I see Makeup Revolution have launched further shades to this range. I can’t seem to make an order from them without another one falling into my basket.

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