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“What Happened Last Month..” || April In Photos

April has been such a good month, I’ve had an absolute ball and May is looking like it may be even better *ba boom tiss* so here’s what my April looked like in photos;

1. Travelling is never quite complete without a pitstop for a Starbucks right?! I spent the 3 hour journey trying to blog, getting annoyed with the blogger app and then playing far too much Candy Crush. Oops.
2. I know the weather might not of been the best ever, but it would have been rude to not have had a little dip in my aunties pool!
3. Nephew selfie! He may look cute and like butter wouldn’t melt, but right after this I discovered I’d had sticky weed stuck to my back for the last 10 minutes..
4. Crabbing on the quay. I didn’t manage to catch any but my nieces and nephews were pretty much pros, one of whom had never been before and managed to show us all up by catching 8!
5. I went on a boat, which seeing that I have a bit of a fear of being on the water, was a pretty big deal. I really enjoyed it however and I can completely confirm the best way to see Plymouth is by boat!
6. For some reason, if I see pretty flowers I have to fight the urge to snap a photo.. These were in Spitalfields Market when I went to eye up some vintage goodies.
7. Becky and myself ended up having, what I can only describe as a concoction, at an underground cocktail bar. No I don’t mean underground as in unknown and hip, it was actually about 3 floors underground..
8. Long Island iced tea selfie!
9. Pimms by the canal in Camden on a sunny day.
10. Exploring Brixton vintage markets on a spontaneous trip to East London.
11. I did a review and giveaway for Makeup Revolutions Blushing Hearts which you can read *here* although the winners now been notified.
12. I had to travel across country to have a consultation, so meeting up with my cousin and her baba made it all a little better.
13. I caved in and ordered the limited edition Glossybox. *here* is a review of the contents.
14. A group photo from #MyChocBloggers. It was fab to meet everyone and you can read all about it *here*.
15. The truffles I made at My Chocolate, making fancy chocolates is harder and more fun than you might think!
16. When I saw this sign at the counter when me and mum popped into a local cafe and I had to snap a picture, how cute is this quote?!

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