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Happy Birthday MUA || 5th Birthday Palette Review

5th Birthday Palette Review
Image from MUA’s instagram. 
MUA has been one of my favourite drug store budget brands since they launched in April 2010. They started off with a range of 80 products all retailing at £1 including lipsticks, eye shadows and mascaras, since then they’ve grown rapidly into one of the staple brands for Superdrug carrying a huge range with over 350 pocket friendly products. One of the brands biggest launches came at the end of 2013 with their Luxe range which is designed with a slightly more “high end” brand image but still maintaining the budget price tag that we all know and love.

5th Birthday Palette Review
To celebrate the brand’s 5th birthday, MUA have launched a special limited edition palette. It’s composed of 3 matte, 5 pearl and 4 shimmer shades selected as favourites from their other palettes and like the majority of these is priced at just £4.
Because of this being a limited edition for their 5th Birthday, half the shades have a special design printed on them. Although it was hardy breaking the bank this has made me a little scared to use it, much like whenever I pick up anything from a limited edition makeup range. Does anyone else do this or is it just me who likes to “save them for a special occasion”? Although unlike with some limited run ranges, I know I can and will be able to use these as part of my go to makeup collection. Because of the amount of shimmers and pearl finishes though, I believe this will be more suitable for nighttime than for in the day.
If I was to come out with on negative to this product, it would be as a celebration launch, I thought they may have had a shake up from their normal 12 shadow palette design with the foam brush, much like they have done with the much loved Elysium Palette or the newly launched Smokin’ palette where this is replaced by a liner. However, this is a minor comment! All in all I’m really chuffed that I picked this up, as per usual the quality of the pigmentation and texture for the money is a complete bargain and the range of colours is one of my favourite yet!
Have you picked up the 5th Birthday palette? What are your favourite MUA products? 

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