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“What Happened Last Month…” || May In Photos

1. I would be a pretty naff nineties kid if I didn’t buy these Sooty & Sweep slippers when I spotted them in Primark right? It used to be one of my favourite shows so I had to have them!
2. Makeup Revolution launched their Iconic Pro Lipsticks and I found one of my new favourite colours. My review on the range is *here*.
3. A cheeky selfie in said lipstick colour, namely “Somewhere Out There”.
4. The photo doesn’t quite justify what was actually going on here. For some form of art project hundreds of orange pingpong balls were released into the fountains on Granary Square. One of the more surreal things I’ve seen wondering around the city.
5. Although I got the start time extremely wrong, I still got to see the London Symphony Orchestra practice their performance for the BMW Open Air in Trafalgar Square. While classical music might not be my favourite genre, this was truly magical and I can’t wait to go again next year!
6. I did the Shaun In The City trails around London, which have sadly finished. However they are beginning in Bristol next month. Essentially, various different artists, designers and celebrities have designed giant Shaun the Sheep sculptures which are on trails around different parts of the cities. At the end of this they’ll be going to auction to raise funds to support children in hospitals across the UK.
7. Along with some other lovely bloggers, I attended Urban Food Fest in Shoreditch. I wrote a post about the yummy food and cocktails *here*.
8. Jenny bought her selfie stick to Urban Food Fest.. Need I say more?!
9. I’ve been trying to walk more this month and discovered a gorgeous park complete with duck pond near my house. I have found myself spending a lot of time wondering around there.
10. Bubbly and cashews on the Southbank after the Spanish food festival. A perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon..
11. To help raise awareness of the RSPCA’s #PatAPet campaign I visited Surrey Docks Farm and wrote about it *here*.
12. When wondering down Portobello Road, I discovered FRAE frozen yoghurt which is absolutely divine.
13. Typical tourist shot of the Thames. It wouldn’t be a trip across Westminster Bridge without one right?
14. I’ve said this before, but I can never resist snapping a photo of some gorgeous flowers. Something about all the colours, I just love it!
15. Lauren and I went on a tourist day around the Southbank complete with cocktails and some rather yummy food.
16. I attended Graduate Fashion Week which by the way I have a post about coming soon and it was utterly amazing. Seriously, next year, go!

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