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I have a confession that probably makes me a terrible beauty blogger. I can’t paint my own nails. If I do, they end up in a horrid mess complete with cotton wool stuck to them where I’d tried to rectify how smudged they are. So, instead, I go to the salon either once a week or once a fortnight to get my nails done. I know I should probably save my money and learn but my co-ordination is the worst. & yes I know, having my current rather grim nail injury should put me off. It doesn’t.. 

So when I was contacted by Little Ondine about their range of nail colours, I thought it sounded too good to be true. The nail polishes are composed of natural resin, organic colorants and water, meaning there’s no nasty chemicals. This also means that the Little Ondine colours do not have the chemical smell normally associated with nail products. But how does this solve my problem of having zero co-ordination you ask? Well, not only do the Little Ondine nail polishes quick drying (although you are advised as the formula is water based to avoid getting them wet for an hour or so after applying) but they wipe clean off your skin before drying and when you fancy a change they peel of so you don’t need to faff about with nail polish remover. How clever is that?! 

Another thing I want to point out about Little Ondine, how gorgeous yet simple is the packaging? The bottles are adorable and the outer box looks far more high end than the £9.20 price tag suggests.

Although I was gifted two bottles of Little Ondine polish by the company, as per usual, all opinions are my own. I also will be picking up some other colours out of my own pocket as these have been a complete life saver for refreshing my nails without all the normal frustrations.

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