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Mondays aren’t known for being very rock and roll. In fact, they’re normally one of the least rock and roll days of the week, meant for catching up with work emails and questioning just “where did the weekend go?!“. However, this week I was invited by the lovely Lauren at to attend #IceBarRocks the launch of this years theme at Ice Bar London by Ice Hotel in Heddon Street.

We made our way to the venue for around 6 o’clock, where we met Jess from and her sister Bethany and were ready, cocktail in hand for the speeches from various members of the senior Ice Bar Team that began at 6.30. One of the most memorable speeches came from Director of Design for Ice Hotel, Jens Thoms Ivarsson. He told us about how they harvest ice from the Torne River in Jukkasjärvi, Northern Sweeden due to it being so clear. Complete with there being a block (that was formally part of last years bar..) for us to admire. One of the lines that really stuck with me from his speech was exactly why he is so fantastic at his job.


‘I’m a designer, an artist, a sculptor, and I do this for one reason alone: passion.’


Next, we made our way up to the Ice Bar itself. To go along side the Ice Bar Rocks theme, the waiting area had an amazing mural complete with a tattoo sleeve made up of some Rock & Roll legends. The cocktails are also named after rock anthems. Ice Bar really did go to town on making sure that everything was in theme down to the tiniest of details.

So, we got on our ponchos and headed in to the bar itself. The thermal ponchos were 100% necessary as the bar is constantly kept at -5 degrees°, so well below freezing. I could go on forever about how cool sorry I had to.. the sculptures and designs were, but instead I’ll just let the photos do the talking.

Clearly selfies had to happen…

(I don’t recommend taking off your gloves to take a picture with your glass though brrrrr..) Although it was strange the champagne being warmer than the glass!

Entrance to the Ice Bar normally costs £13.50 for 40 minutes in the Ice Bar with your first cocktail included.
Have you ever been to Ice Bar before? What did you think?
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