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Dietitians and scientists alike recommend that you drink at least 2 litres of water a day. I mean it has so many great health benefits for your skin, liver and body in general. However, loads of us struggle to manage even half of that amount, and I know with getting myself a little run down recently, not having enough water has played a big part in that. So here’s so easy tricks I’ve been using to make sure I drink enough water.

    1. Fruit & green teas. This is easier when it’s colder outside, but this is great for people who find water a bit bland and boring. There are so many different flavours you can get and they add a lot of taste with practically no calories and without the sugar you get in cordials. My personal favourite is pomegrate green tea! (Just make sure you don’t add milk as it kinda defeats the object)
    2. Carry a bottle with you.  Especially when travelling, be it on a bus, train, car or whatever else. You’re so much more likely to drink it if not only is it there with you, it’s making your handbag heavier. It also helps to have a big glass or bottle at your desk, if it’s in sight your more likely to drink it.
    3. Use a straw. Everything is easier (and faster) to drink through as straw, so if necking a few pints of water a day is a major chore this will make it a lot more bearable!
    4. Add some fruit. Very similar to having fruit tea only more suitable for sunny days! You can add all sorts of different fruits and as long as you leave it to infuse for a little while it will add a great amount of flavour. It’s my favourite for sitting out in the garden with.
    5. Make having water part of your routine. For example, I always make sure I drink an extra cup of green tea while I’m sat doing my make-up and make pouring myself a large glass of water before heading back to my desk after a break. Once you start doing it all the time, it becomes a part of your routine and you don’t even realize you’re doing it!
Easy Ways To Drink More Water!
Some of the garden from Plant Nanny
    1. Download a water tracking app. My personal favourite is Plant Nanny in which the more water you drink, the better your adorable plant grows. It grows up and evolves from a sapling into a plant but if you don’t drink enough it’ll dehydrate and die! Not going to lie, I feel guilty if I don’t after my virtual plants.. Yeah I’m that sad..

What tips do you use to drink enough water?

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