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HD Brow Experience with Benito Brow Bar

I am a great believer that having your eyebrows done can make a big difference to your face. Therefore, I make a point of getting my eyebrows threaded on a bi weekly basis as it saves me a great amount of stress because when you’ve got dark hair, a stray eyebrow causes a lot more trouble than you’d think. However, I’m also a creature of habit so despite hearing my friends rave about how having HD brows done lasted longer and that they looked sharper and more professional, the nearest I got to changing up my brows was buying a darker shade of powder. So when Benito told me about their new brow bar opening in Debenhams in Westfield (Shepherds Bush) and invited me down to have a HD Brow treatment, I was super excited if a little nervous. Benito are one of the only brow companies that is actually affiliated with HD Brows and even sells their cosmetics at the brow bars, which are fantastic quality.

So, if like I was, you’re a HD Brows newbie you’re probably wondering what makes having your brows HD’d different from a normal threading / waxing. HD brows involves several stages designed to give you the perfect brow shape and colour for your face. Firstly, there’s an assessment where you pick what you want from your eyebrows be that natural, thick or thin and what colour tint would suit your hair and skin colour. I went for natural in both, and in the first stage of the process, the tinting made my brows a little darker so my brows matched my hair colour better. After the tint, theres waxing then threading and finally filling in and applying powder. The whole process takes around 45 minutes and should last around 4 weeks.

HD Brow Experience with Benito Brow Bar

I am really pleased with the results and feel that my eyebrows really fit my face better after. I can’t wait for my next trip in January!

Have you tried HD Brows before? What did you think?

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