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December 20, 2015
16 Bloggers To Watch In 2016

2015 has been the year that I started to take blogging seriously and along the way I have discovered some fantastic people with fantastic blogs. So in no particular order, here are 16 bloggers that you should keep an eye out for in 2016 although I’m certain I’ll have missed out a few;

1. Beky at BekyLou.com. Winner of Next’s Best Beauty Blog of 2015, Beky’s blog is full to the brim of fashion and beauty posts that are both gorgeously written and photographed.
2. Olivia at BeautyFromTheFjord.co.uk. If Olivia’s great sense of fashion and her OOTD posts weren’t enough to make you love her blog, then her beauty posts and sharing her adventures will. Talking of OOTD posts, she gives me serious envy, hers are always on point!
3. Louise at LouiseRoseRailton.com. I never thought I’d say a blogger managed to make me miss living “Up North”, but Louise’s blog manages to showcase the best of the North along with a mix of lifestyle and dairy free recipes.
4. Jess at DiaryOfABritGirl.co.uk. Formally “Diary Of A Fashion Dropout”, Jess rebranded and became Diary Of A Brit Girl, home to lots of lovely beauty and fashion post with some bits of lifestyle too. Like many others on this list, her photography really makes her blog pop and look super pretty.
5. Kara at KaraWillow.com. Kara is not only a fabulous journalist who’s worked with the likes of Cosmopolitan, she’s also an awesome blogger who shares her adventures at press events and while traveling which are super fun to read.
6. Jasmin Charlotte at JasminCharlotte.com. Jasmin Charlotte is a Londoner, SEO expert and all round sweetheart. Her blog is a mix of travel, tech and everything in between which always leaves me wanting to hop on a plane / hungry / wishing I was better when it comes to tech.
7. Olivia at Dungarees-And-Donuts.co.uk. One of my favourite lifestyle bloggers, her photography is always fab and she’s brave enough to cover topics that many of us would shy away from with a chatty and enjoyable style.
8. Rebecca at CountryPearls.co.uk. Formally “Forever Rebecca” and currently going through a rebrand, I look forward to seeing all her exciting new posts to come.
9. Emily at BritishBeautyAddict.com. It’s easy to see why Emily was shortlisted for “Best For Beauty” in the Cosmo beauty awards. Although, word of warning, her blog will make you want to buy lots of gorgeous products to try.
10. Lauren at BlondeVision.co.uk. Lauren is taking over the world one venture at a time, I seriously envy how in between running several businesses, she manages to blog and arrange events at @LDNMeetUp. Check her out for a mix of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and swoon worthy travel all with her signature brand of no nonsense honesty.
11. Sarah at BlogsVlogsEtc.Blogspot.co.uk. If you’re looking for a blog that has great content that you may not have discovered yet, Sarah is your girl. Her photos are gorgeous and her writing style really feels like she’s talking to you as a friend.
12. Laura at LovedByLaura. Laura’s blog is full of lifestyle, things to do, food and her rather photogenic cats all in her bubbly writing style. It’s hard to look at her blog without swooning over her photography which, by the way, means her instagram is amazing too!
13. Carl at ABlokesEyeView.co.uk. In amongst all the beauty / lifestyle / fashion blogs I follow, Carl showing things from “A Blokes Eye View” has given me some great ideas for the guys in my life when it comes to gifts and things to do.
14. Jessica at JessicaKG.com. Another Northern blogger that has an awesome mix of fashion, lifestyle and beauty along with her “Woman In Business” section where she interviews the women behind some of the brands and blogs we know and love.
15. Lola at LolasLittleWonders.com. Lola is a woman of many talents, she’s a Blogger, Youtuber and can tell you all you need to know about Harry Styles… Jokes aside, her blog is fantastic, chatty and has some fantastically styled photographs too!
16. Becky at BeckyBedbug.com. If you head over to Becky’s website you’ll find one of the most diverse lifestyle blogs out there with posts covering everything from books to beauty. She’s also a fellow Harry Potter fan who doesn’t judge you if you spend too much money on a giant unicorn #justsayin’.

What have been your favourite blogs in 2015? 

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