“What Happened Last Month..” || April In Photos

“What Happened Last Month..” || April In Photos

If I’m honest, April has absolutely flown by and I’m not even sure exactly how, maybe it’s down to the fact it seems like we’ve had all four seasons in one month. I mean, snow when we’re coming up to the middle of the year, what’s all that about?! Another factor in it going so fast might have been just how busy I’ve been, I don’t think I’ve had a day off just to slob around the house. So, if you fancy nosing what I’ve been up to offline, here’s my April in photos;

"What Happened Last Month.." || April In Photos

1. Cocktails after the Bloggers Tea Party. Amber was kind enough to invite me as a plus one to an event at Popup Patio in Finsbury Square, after we’d chatted to some of the lovely brands there, we popped over to the local All Bar One to have a catch up over a cosmopolitan or two.
2. I made Nutella cheesecake. Not only was it super tasty, it was also really easy to make. I bought it in to work for my turn at “treat week” but I’ll definitely be making it again soon. If you fancy making your own I posted the recipe a few weeks back.
3. Spring was in the air. Then went again, then came back again and as I write this it still can’t make it’s mind up. Although, this doesn’t take away from just how much I love that there have been so many gorgeous cherry blossoms around the city.
"What Happened Last Month.." || April In Photos
4. Having a Marie Antoinette themed afternoon tea. You know how I said I love afternoon tea? Well, after Amber spotted this one inspired by Marie Antoinette at the Belgraves Hotel we said “let them us eat cake” and planned a trip. I’ve got a review on this coming up this month fingers crossed!
5. I made friends with a squirrel. Okay so I may have bribed the little fella over with nuts, but still I felt like a real life Disney Princess and I’m so glad I managed to snap a picture before he ran off..
6. I had a mini Superdrug haul. Well, okay it was mostly replenishing a few of my makeup bag staples and two of the palettes I’d had my eye on including Fortune Favours The Brave by Makeup Revolution.
"What Happened Last Month.." || April In Photos
7. Leah & I started a brunch club. After looking into where we should go for a catch up, Leah and I decided that a bottomless brunch was the best way forward. We finally settled on 3 courses at Avenue near Green Park. We loved it so much we’re making brunch club a regular occurrence!
8. Prosecco by the Thames. On a Sunday what better way is there to spend a sunny afternoon having a glass of bubbles with a view?
9. Jimmy Doherty taught me about Jersey produce. Seriously, the Jersey Royal is such an over looked vegetable. We got to sample a range of dishes that really gave them a chance to shine and I’ve got a few recipes coming up over the next month on here..
"What Happened Last Month.." || April In Photos
10. A long over due trip to Sheffield. Where Becky, James and I had a wine tasting class (followed by some more wine drinking) and a more laughs than I can count. Then, as per normal I tried to make friends with a duck at the station..
11. I went to the opening of The Stable’s first London branch. As my review and return trip less than a week later might give away, it was fantastic. Seriously, if you have a Stable near by treat yourself to one of their pizzas, you won’t regret it!
12. All aboard the Good Ship Benefit. Before the HQ Hair birthday bash, Ami, BeckyHayley and I decided the Good Ship Benefit was the perfect place to meet up pre-hand. The Benefit team has transformed the R.S. Hispaniola into a wonderland of pink, I was in heaven. Due to being mored almost opposite the London Eye, the views from the Hoola Decks are fantastic. The perfect start to a brilliant evening.

I hope you all had amazing April, and fingers crossed May is just as good!

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