Chin Up Mask, The Non Surgical Face Lift || Beauty

Chin Up Mask, The Non Surgical Face Lift || Beauty

rencontre celibataire divorce If you asked me what part of my face I liked, most days I’d say my eyes. However if you asked what I didn’t, without hesitation I’d say my chin. Whenever I gain even the smallest amount of weight, it’s the first place to show it. It’s also something I’m always conscious about in photos. So when I heard about Chin Up Mask which claims to give a non surgical face lift, it’s safe to say I was intrigued. Something that could ditch 2cm off my chin in 30 minutes? I thought it sounded far too good to be true. But if anything could help me like my chin a little more, it was worth a shot.

opcje binarne jak to dzia_a Luckily for me, after seeing me enquiring on social media (well, asking do these things really work?!) the Chin Up team were kind enough to get in touch and send me a pack to review. I thought I’d share my thoughts and most importantly, if it actually works..

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binary options 101 home study course Chin Up Mask - Non Surgical Face Lift

What is Chin Up Mask anyway?! Chin Up Mask is designed to slim, lift and contour your face, much like a face lift. Only without having to go under the knife or the hefty price tag. It contains four active ingredients, Corum 9235, Vitamin E, Q10 Coenzymes and their secret ingredient – Skintronics. While I couldn’t tell you the exact functions of each, working together with fruit extracts they aim to reduce chin fat all whist leaving your skin feeling healthy and refreshed.

source site I received the Chin Up “trial pack” which contains a slimming band, two masks and a tape measure. You simply measure your chin from ear to ear both at the front and underneath. (Not 100% necessary but interesting for before and after purposes!). After you’ve found out your current measurements, cut open the sachet containing the Chin Up Mask and apply it to your face. The larger parts go on your cheeks and the smaller section on your chin. Put the slimming band around your chin and use the Velcro to keep it in place at the top of your head. Then well, that’s it!

strategie opzioni binarie topoption Simply leave it on for 30 to 40 minutes before removing the band, massage in the excess cream and then re-measure to see what you’ve lost.

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The Results

A few minutes after applying the mask, you can feel it working. It feels hot on your skin, which although wasn’t the most pleasant sensation, you soon get used to it. It almost reminded me of a self-heating face mask, which I guess may not be far wrong. After a bit of googling, it turns out this is the Corum 9235. This gives a warming sensation when applied to the skin and helps with the absorption of the mask.

As you may guess, because of the mask pulling your chin up it makes talking (or having a cup of tea in my case) a bit more difficult. However, rather than taking this to be a bad thing I took the time to zone out and finally start to read Amy Poehler’s Yes Please. Which by the way, well worth picking up..

source link Anyway, as the photos above show while the mask didn’t magic away all my chin fat it did have me lose just over 2cm. Plus, the area it was applied felt substantially tighter and firmer. I also felt more self confident just seeing a difference. Result!

Chin Up Mask - Non Surgical Face Lift

While I was impressed with the results and my chin definitely felt firmer. After a day or so it did return to normal. I knew it was never going to be a permanent solution, although I would have liked to have felt chin confident for a little longer. However, for a temporary solution before an event or big night out? I’d repurchase for that alone.

For what works out at just short of £15.00 a time with the trial pack it is a little pricey. However, Chin Up offer a refill pack, which works out at a much more affordable £6.00 each which I can definitely see myself purchasing soon..

Have you tried a Chin Up Mask before? What did you think?

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