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Favourite Blog Posts In September || Friday Favourites

Favourite Blog Posts In September || Friday Favourites

Every month I look forward to writing this post. There’s just something so satisfying about seeking out my favourite posts from the last 30 something days and sharing them. This month, yet again, I’ve added a whole host of new blogs to my reading list. So here’s my 10 favourite posts from September so far;

  1. Blogging, Twitter & Sponsorship – What Should You Be Declaring? – Tea Party Beauty. It’s safe to say Hayley is a total blogging pro, so when it comes to knowing what you should be declaring and how she knows her stuff. This was a really interesting read and great to bare in mind for bloggers of any size.
  2. Clashing Time: My Chloe Faye Dupe Clashing Time. When I saw Pippa the other week I couldn’t help but compliment her rather gorgeous handbag. It was a dead ringer for the Chloe Faye I’ve been lusting after. So when she said it was less than £8.00 I was shocked. She shows how she styles this gorgeous bag and where you can pick it up yourself.
  3. Morphe 350 palette – Worth the Hype? – L Page Beauty. Call me a bad beauty blogger all you like, but I’ve still yet to try any of the Morphe palettes. Although I’ve put them in my basket on Beauty Bay a few times over, I’ve always swapped them out in favour of something else. Leanne has swatched the entire palette and shared her thoughts, while it’s still on my “to buy” list, this one can wait a little longer.
  4. Lady Writes In New York – My Travel Diary Lady Writes. It’s no secret that Chloe is one of my favourite bloggers and I full on stalked her and Leah’s New York adventures on social media. Her photos are absolutely gorgeous and have me dreaming about booking a trip back to New York.
  5. My Universal Studios Florida Photo Diary – Flourish & Blotting. Universal Studios has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. Seeing Jo’s photos of her trip reminded me of exactly why. If, like me, you’re a big Harry Potter fan be prepared to be super jealous of her trip to Hogsmeade..
  6. What Happened In New York! – Devoted To Pink. What can I say, I always enjoy Leah’s monthly round ups so when she did a special one all about her trip to New York I found myself laughing along with her about her Sephora obsession and wishing that I’d been there too!
  7. Dear Diary: Taking my holiday attitude home. As You Wish. Aside from being full of gorgeous photos from her holiday to Marbella, Georgie shares why you along with your normal souvenirs you should take your holiday attitude home too. That feeling of being relaxed and worry free is something I think we should all bare in mind and try to recreate even if we’re not in an exotic destination.
  8. My Top 50 Tips for Growing Your Blog and Social Media Accounts! – She Might Be Loved. Another post from a blogging pro. Georgina shares 50 of her top tips for growing your blog and social media account. As a total queen at Twitter, it’s needless to say I’m taking notes..
  9. Scottish Brunch at Mac & Wild | Restaurant Review – Loved By Laura. While I wrote about our trip to Mac & Wild last week, Laura has yet again managed to give me major photo envy. Not only that, as always, her writing style is gorgeous. Word to the wise though, once you click on her blog you may be reading it for the rest of the day..
  10. Olympus PEN E-PL8 – The Perfect Camera for Bloggers Devoted To Pink. But Fran.. You’ve already mentioned Leah in this list. However I just had to include this guest post she hosted last week. Odds are on you’ve probably heard a lot about the Olympus PEN. I’ve had friends raving about the quality, usability and sleek design of the E-PL7 and toyed with trading in my camera for one. With the new model launching next month, Leah has teamed up with Park Cameras to give us the low down.

Do you follow any of these lovely lot? If not, are there any other blogs that you’ve been checking out?

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