LHAA Chiswick – Academy Launch Night || Life Lately

October 14, 2016
LHAA Chiswick - Academy Launch Night || Life Lately

Chiswick is one of my favourite places to spend the day. (As you may have gathered from my abundance ofphoto diaryposts). Not only is the Borough very pretty and green it’s home to some beautiful restaurants, parks (including the ever gorgeous Chiswick house) and of course many places to enjoy views of Thames. I have lost count of the amount of weekend afternoons that, when at a loose end, I’ve simply took the short journey and treated myself to a glass of wine by the river.  So it’s no wonder it holds a special place in my heart.

With this in mind, when an invited to the launch night of LHAA’s forth academy on Chiswick High Road. I was honoured to attend. Aside from learning a little more about the courses offered, along with a few other bloggers I got to have a sneak peak at the state of the art facilities. So, if you’re considering training in hairdressing or beauty. Or even if you just fancy taking advantage of their discounted treatment prices – I thought I’d share my thoughts;

LHAA Chiswick - Academy Launch Night || Life Lately

LHAA Chiswick – Academy Launch Night

The London Hairdressing Apprenticeship Academy (or LHAA for short) was founded by Francine and Trevor Luker. Thier main goal is to provide high-quality hairdressing and beauty courses while allowing the students to gain supervised experience with members of the public. While LHAA has hair academies in Borehamwood, Loughton and Camden, this is the first to offer both hair and beauty training courses. I was surprised though to learn that they don’t just offer training to people at college age. They offer adult learning, complete with helping out with grants and loans for those looking to retrain in the industry.

LHAA Chiswick - Academy Launch Night || Life Lately

The evening started with speeches from various people involved in the setup and design of the academy. With a glass of prosecco in hand, we learnt about why Francine and Trevor chose to expand into beauty training. And, of course, the hard work behind the scenes that goes into such a project. After learning about the academy and the history behind LHAA, Patrick Cameron took to the mic. Patrick is an expert stylist and world-renowned when it comes to long hair. So it was a pleasure to see him showcase two on-trend new hairstyles from his new book. While I couldn’t dream of creating them myself, it was fascinating to watch.

LHAA Chiswick - Academy Launch Night || Life Lately

State of the art training facilities

With the presentations finished, it was time to explore the facilities. Downstairs is home space for both hairdressing and barbering, and a separate nail training area to the rear. Everything is light, airy and spacious. I really love the colour scheme, clean black and white surfaces with purple and silver detailing. In fact, it doesn’t look like it would be home to trainees and students at all, instead favouring a luxurious salon style. While all this is in the main salon, through the side door and up the stairs you’ll find their beauty therapy and makeup training areas. LHAA Chiswick really does have the whole beauty training package.

LHAA Chiswick - Academy Launch Night || Life Lately

Thanks to LHAA for inviting me down and letting me know a little more about the training behind the beauty industry.

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