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Favourite Blog Posts In December || Friday Favourites

Favourite Blog Posts In December || Friday Favourites

Another month, another chance to share my favourite blog posts!

This went up a little late as I’ve had a few issues logging on to my site, which is disappointing. However, as always, sharing the love on these posts. Well, it makes one of my favourite things to write. Hope you enjoy these posts as much as I do;

  1. Other Blog Things You Can Do When You Don’t Want To Blog Through The Mirror. I’ll be honest here, I’m a badly organised blogger. Well, most of the time anyway. So as Caitlin’s blog is total goals, I’ll be taking her list of other blog things to do and using it to boost my productivity in the new year.
  2. The Most Festive Bailey’s Cupcakes Chapters Of Kat. Let’s be honest, cupcakes are always a great idea. So when I saw Kat’s recipe for her festive Bailey’s cupcakes I knew I’d need to make them. They look insanely good!
  3. How to be more productive – Blonde Vision. You know how I mentioned I’m a badly organised blogger? Well aside from that, despite investing in a gorgeous planner, most days I could do with being a little more productive. Lauren’s list of tips for being productive are certainly ones I’ll be using in the new year.
  4. My 2017 Planner Diary Emmys Beauty Cave. Talking of planners, as much as I love my Ban.Do one, Emmy’s unicorn planner is gorgeous. I may have to pick one up myself next December..
  5. My Favourite Free Script Fonts For Blogging – Love, Catherine. Catherine’s blog is dreamy. I’m sure I mention that every time I share one of her posts. So when she shared her favourite free script fonts, needless to say I downloaded them all!
  6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glow Kit Review Laura Hadley. After falling in love with the goodies from my latest Anastasia Beverly Hill’s haul, I’ve had my eye on the glow kits. So safe to say, I was excited when I saw Laura reviewing the newest to the range, the Ultimate Glow Kit. Her swatches have my obsessed and I may need to treat myself after Christmas..
  7. My Christmas Bucket List – Devoted To Pink. After reading Leah’s festive bucket list, I realised I was really not feeling all that festive. So over this month I’ve nabbed a few of her ideas to get me into the Christmas spirit. I think they’ve worked too!
  8. Telling Stories With Fashion Photography – Emma Inks. Despite wanting to add a little more fashion to my blog in 2016; that was one goal I failed on. I can’t quite tell you the reason, but my confidence did not span to getting in front of the camera as much as I’d have liked. So when Emma posted about her morning spent at Holly McGlynn’s fashion photography workshop, I took all the tips she shared and noted them down. (Plus as always, her photos are gorgeous!)
  9. Christmas At Chatsworth House – The Nutcracker Louise Rose Railton. While a student in Sheffield (many moons ago) a summer tradition was heading over to Chatsworth House for a barbecue. Shockingly though, I never made the journey over Christmas time to see the lights. Turns out, they’re absolutely stunning and have a different theme year in year out. Another thing to add to my 2017 bucket list.
  10. Lemon Butter Biscuit Recipe As You Wish. Whenever Georgie posts a recipe, I know it’ll be a good’en. I love lemon flavours, and as it seems pretty easy to do – well I know what I’ll be making next time we have a bake off..

Do you follow any of these lovely lot? If not, are there any other blogs that you’ve been checking out?

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