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“What Happened Last Month..” || November In Photos

“What Happened Last Month..” || November In Photos

I’ve been meaning to re-start these posts for a while. With starting my week in lipsticks and having a big to do list, well I just didn’t find the time. I did intend to start this last month, but I kinda forgot. Well, okay. Forgot is a stretch. I didn’t have time to get around to it until the 7th and then it seemed almost redundant to post about September a week into November. Oops. So, anyway I thought I’d start again fresh with doing this monthly..

On which note, here’s what happened in November;

“What Happened Last Month..” || November In Photos

Thanksgiving with French’s. While we Brits may have started to adopt the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, we haven’t quite flat out started celebrating Thanksgiving yet. Although, when American favourite French’s invited me down to learn how to cook a Thanksgiving feast at Food at 52, well I couldn’t say no. I tried various dishes that were completely new to me, including a very different take on stuffing. Yummy!

All Bar One Leicester Square’s Opening. All Bar One is one of my favourite chains, mostly as I know that no matter where I am I can go to one of their branches and know I can have quality food and drink at a reasonable cost. So when I was invited to the opening of their impressive new Leicester Square branch, I was so impressed a friend and I booked in for a dinner date there a few weeks later.

My Anastasia Beverly Hills order arrived. Despite hearing a lot of great things about the Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics line, prior to November my collection only spanned to the powder contour kit. I used American shipping agent MyMallBox to treat myself to two eyeshadow palettes and a liquid lipstick. I’ve spent most of the month testing these out, so can’t wait to share my thoughts.

“What Happened Last Month..” || November In Photos

I visited the Coke Truck. Because the “Holidays Are Coming” advert totally means it’s okay to start celebrating Christmas. So when I saw that the Coke truck was in London that evening I headed over. I, as per usual, got a bit snap happy so I wrote about my trip to see it here.

The #BloggersBoxAppeal. I’m a great believer in giving something back, in particular around Christmas time. So when I saw that Lauren from LDN Meet Up was raising money to send gifts was organising an event to help send boxes of Christmas presents to children at the school her friend is volunteering at. Well I knew I’d want to help out. We sent of boxes full of toys, stationary and medical supplies which will hopefully put a smile on the children’s faces.

Pippa and I went to the Sky Garden. I last went to the Sky Garden for my birthday earlier this year, so when Pippa asked if I’d like to go along with her on a Saturday morning, I jumped at the chance to see it in the day.“What Happened Last Month..” || November In Photos

I went to a Treetorial at John Lewis, Oxford Street. I love Christmas, so spending an evening learning about how to best decorate a tree? Well it was right up my street. If you fancy reading a little more about my evening, I wrote about it yesterday.

Dinner date at All Bar One with Sophie. You know how I just mentioned how I had planned a dinner date back at the Leicester Square All Bar One? Well after work one evening Sophie and I headed down for a well needed catch up. (A post on all the yummy food we ate is due up next week!)

I caved and bought the Naked Ultimate Basics palette. After basically finishing my Christmas shopping I made the mistake of going through the beauty hall in Debenhams and swatching the new Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette. Needless to say it’s gorgeous. I did a full review here.

“What Happened Last Month..” || November In Photos

Walking On Cars at The Leadmill. Heading over to one of my old favourite haunts in Sheffield, Becky and I watched Walking On Cars. An awesome evening, and one that took me right back to my student days.

Catch-ups and wine with Becky. On the first evening I arrived in Sheffield, we’d spend most of the days texts trying to decide where to get dinner when I got in to the station. Inevitably, we ended up dropping my stuff at her flat, deciding it was too cold out and cracking open the wine and ordering pizza..

I attended the Vuelio Blog Awards. After work last Friday, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Vuelio Blog Awards. A three course dinner, wine and celebrating some fantastic blogging talent? Well I can’t think of a better way to spend a night..

Hope you had a fabulous November. Here’s hoping December is even better..

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