Favourite Blog Posts In January || Friday Favourites

Favourite Blog Posts In January || Friday Favourites

As I posted my favourite blogs to read last year, I considered leaving the first post of this kind until next month. However, after reading some fantastic posts. Well, I simply couldn’t resist!

  1. The Importance Of Having A Great Woman Squad London Beauty Queen. Hayley is one of the biggest beauty bloggers around and I’m always checking out her blog for the scoop on new releases. However, her post about having a great squad really stood out for me.
  2. Save vs Splurge – Blogger Essentials – All That B. There’s a bit of pressure in the bloggersphere to spend more and more on your website. Rebekka goes through the essentials and where you should splurge and things you can get away with saving on!
  3. Kat Von D Shade + Light Quad – Beauty Review Popcorn And Glitter. While I love Kat Von D’s lipsticks, after hearing mixed reviews I’ve not yet tried any of the eyeshadow range. After Sophie’s review though, I may just need to treat myself!
  4. The Best Cheesecake Recipe Ever – Flourish & Blotting. So, having not tried this recipe out yet, I can’t confirm this is 100% the best ever cheesecake recipe. But, looking at the pictures this Toffee Crisp cheesecake certainly looks it..
  5. 24 Hours in York – Day 1 VIPXO. I only discovered Victoria’s blog a few weeks ago but I adore her writing style. She shares her thoughts on her trip to York which made me want to plan a trip for myself!
  6. How To Effectively Monitor Your Blog Traffic Devoted To Pink. Call me a bad blogger her, but monitoring my traffic is something I’m not exactly good at. Luckily for me, Leah has shared a Fran friendly an idiot proof guide to doing it effectively.
  7. Travel Diary Day 2 – Los Angeles Emma Inks. If you follow Emma on social media, you may have seen that she spend most of last month travelling around the USA. Aside from being super jealous, I’ve really enjoyed reading about her adventures (& looking at all the gorgeous photos)!
  8. How To Blog On A Budget Emmy’s Beauty Cave. January. The month that I regret all of my Christmas indulgence and look at how I plan on saving money over the next 12 months. Emmy’s a mind reader and shared her tips for keeping up your blog without blowing your budget.
  9.  Lady Dinah’s Cat Eporium Hanna Talks. In all honesty, I’m definitely more of a dog person than a cat person. However, the idea of going to visit a cat cafe sounds like great fun to me. Hanna shares her photos from her trip and made me want to book one too!
  10. Mastering The Instagram Flatlay Tea Party Beauty. I’ve said it before, but Hayley’s photos are total goals. So when I say her post on mastering the art of the flatlay, I bookmarked it right away!

Do you follow any of these lovely lot? If not, are there any other blogs that you’ve been checking out?

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