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Favourite Blog Posts In March || Friday Favourites

Favourite Blog Posts In March || Friday Favourites

Another month almost done and another month where I’ve read some awesome blog posts. So, as usual, here are ten blog posts that I really loved reading over the last 30 or so days!

  1. 7 Useful Resources For Bloggers – Devoted To Pink. Let’s be honest here, Leah is one of the most organised (& fabulous!) bloggers around. I mean, her daily Instagram snaps and social media updates are total goals. So with her sharing some useful resources, how could I not include it on my favourites!
  2. Kat Von D, Makeup Revolution & #DupeGate: When Does Copycatting Go Too Far?  London Beauty Queen. You can always count on Hayley to weigh in on any makeup trends, developments or dramas with a level headed and thought provoking argument. I loved the way she equally showed both sides and admitted, like me, she’s found herself torn on the whole thing.
  3. Dupes Should Be Celebrated, Not Hated.. – All That B. Seems a little strange I’d mention a post that sides with, on some level, Kat Von D then mention Rebekka’s post. The reason? Because although I am torn on this whole #DupeGate scandal, hers is one of the most well written responses as to why it’s a-okay to buy dupes and made me question if my love of high end products comes from having become a low key makeup snob.
  4. A Date With Mr Grey At The Showcase Cinema & Oscars Bingo Loved By Laura. Laura’s blog is one of my favourites and I’m so glad she’s back to posting again! I loved reading about her cinema trip and it got me fancying trying “Oscars Bingo” for myself next year…
  5. Photography tips with the Olympus Pen Milly Daydreams. As you may already know, I recently purchased an Olympus Pen. While I love it, going from a completely different make of camera was a little difficult to get to grips with. Thankfully though, Milly’s tips gave me lots of inspiration to try new things with my photos.
  6. Let’s Talk About Affiliate Income – Natasha Kendall. Affiliate income seems to be a bit of a controversial thing in the blogging world of late. Between big bloggers not declaring to people assuming it’s a huge money maker, without any research many people seem to think of it as a shady side of blogging. However, Natasha gives a frank look into why affiliate links and income should be celebrated not shaded!
  7. 5 Make-Up Products That I Won’t Be Rebuying Lady Writes. As much as blogging gives me inspiration for things to buy, I love reading posts about ones that I should maybe save my money on. Chloe shares five products that won’t end up in her basket again and why. My bank balance is super happy about this, as I was planning on picking up one of these on pay day…
  8. How to grow your Instagram following in ten Love, Laughs, Lipstick. While I love pretty much everything Nikki writes. (Seriously, her writing style is the bomb dot com.. You feel like you’re sat down over a cuppa with her when you’re reading). Her post on growing your Instagram following really stood out to me. & not just because I need to work on mine a little more.. 
  9. 8 Awesome Films by Female Directors – Popcorn & Glitter. Sophie is an absolute movie genius. So, whenever she puts out a “movies to watch” list I eagerly note them down for future reference. With International Women’s Day falling in March, it’s the perfect excuse to check out these flicks. In fact, I watched Wayne’s World again the night I read her post.
  10. The Balm: Highlite & Con Tour Palette & Swatches As You Wish. As you may have guessed, I’m a sucker for cute packaging. So safe to say this palette by The Balm has been on my wishlist since I locked eyes on it. Georgie does an amazing in depth review and I can already sense it might end up in my basket come payday…

Do you follow any of these lovely lot? If not, are there any other blogs that you’ve been checking out?

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