My Favourite Blog Posts in April || Friday Favourites

April 28, 2017
My Favourite Blog Posts in April || Friday Favourites

I feel like everytime I write these posts I have pretty much the same intro… But what can I say, every month my feed is full to the brim with posts from some wonderful and talented bloggers. So, without further ado – here are 10 posts I’ve loved reading this month;

  1. A Solo Weekend In Aberdeen – Little Miss Katy. As I’ve probably said a million and one times, Katy’s photos are total goals. Not only that, her travel posts are up there with my favourite to read. I loved reading about her solo adventure to Aberdeen and it got me itching to book my own solo adventure.
  2. My Photography Equipment & Setup For Blogging LPage Beauty. Call me nosey all you like but I love reading about other people’s blog photography set ups. (& any tips or tricks!) And as I mentioned in my 5 happy things post earlier this week, it was the inspiration for picking up some faux fur from eBay!
  3. Eight things to do when you feel Anxious and/or Depressed Milly Day Dreams. You know sometimes how you read something and it just came at the perfect time? This is exactly how I felt reading Milly’s post. Some fantastic tips to put your feelings of anxiety and dread on the back burner. I bookmarked it for next time I’m feeling it could be the start of a bad mental health day.
  4. #TheBloggerMadeMeBuyIt | Jeffree Star & Ofra Liquid Lipsticks  Love, Laughs, Lipstick. Honestly, when someone says they bought something due to reading about it on my blog I am always super chuffed. After all, it means they trust your opinion. With that in mind, I’m so glad Nikki loved her purchases. The only downside? I need to buy Prom Night and try Ofra now…
  5. Do You Need a Contract for Sponsored Posts? Free Downloadable Contract Template Tea Party Beauty. Hayley is a total blogging pro. So whenever she puts out any blogging resources, I’m always hyped to try them. I rarely do sponsored or paid for content the main reason being I’m unsure about the contract element, so this will be super helpful for me going forward!
  6. Postcards From Berlin Popcorn & Glitter. Berlin has been on my “to do” list for the longest time and Sophie’s post just shot it right to the top. Her photos, as ever, are gorgeous and I love how she manages to show just how much you can do in a weekend!
  7. 10 Things That Made Me Happy This Month As You Wish UK. As you may have guessed, I love posts that focus on happy things. This is why I love Georgie’s happy lists – plus she’s got great taste so I always get some fabulous recommendations!
  8. Chorizo, Avocado and Tomato Breakfast Tacos – Lashes of Lifestyle. When it comes to food, Chloe knows her stuff! I always check her blog for recipes and recommendations and these breakfast tacos look amazing. I’m just waiting for an excuse to make them for a naughty breakfast on a Sunday…
  9. I Work In A Sexist Industry – Perks Of Being Ami. Ami is one of the most talented people I know and since last year, she’s been living her dream job shooting bands and live music for a living. What I didn’t realise however was just how much sexism was prominent in the photography industry. So props on Ami for going out there and smashing it!
  10. New In: Mascara Lady Writes. Mascara is one of those beauty products that I tend to find a favourite and stick to until it runs out (like my current favourite Kat Von D one which is on it’s way to being done). So with this in mind, I loved reading Chloe’s mascara recommendations – Maneater is next on my to buy list!

Do you follow any of these lovely lot? If not, are there any other blogs that you’ve been checking out?

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