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My Favourite Blog Posts In May || Friday Favourites

My Favourite Blog Posts In May || Friday Favourites

I know I quite possibly say this every time I post a list of my favourite posts from the last month but this is one of the things I really look forward to sitting down and writing. Well, I say, I enjoy adding links to it over the course of the month and then sitting down, re reading and then writing about them..

Anyhow, here are ten of my favourite posts from May:

  1. How To Make The New Instagram Changes Work For Your Business or Blog  Damzel In This Dress. With all the new changes to Instagram, I’ve been finding myself falling out of love with the platform. However, reading Rosie’s post on how these changes can work for you has made me go back to planning my feed all over again!
  2. 12 Movies That Understand Mental Illness  Popcorn & Glitter. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; whenever Sophie’s posts film recommendations they go straight on my “to watch” list. This time she’s back with a selection of films that offer an accurate view at mental illness.
  3. Snickers Cupcake Recipe With Peanut Butter Frosting  Emmys Beauty Cave. No matter what time of day it is, whenever Emmy posts a recipe I get super hungry. Her baking recipes are on point and ones that I always love to try for myself. These are getting baked on my next cheat day!
  4. If Looks Could KILL: The Dangers Of Fake Makeup Dainty Alice. Okay, so this post was technically in April, but I only read it in May so #SueMe. Alice basically summed up everything about the danger of fake makeup and more. I honestly think it’s a must read for anyone who buys branded makeup online in particular from sites such as eBay.
  5. Why you should start a blog in 2017 + 4 new bloggers doing amazing things! Makeup Savvy. Fee’s blog is one of my all time favourites. The only problem is, with all her eBay bargain posts I’m forever waiting on my postman. Anyway, I digress. This post nails everything I love about the blogging community and I’d encourage anyone who’s considered starting their own blog, or even just who’s feeling a little down on theirs to read.
  6. Eurovision Travel – Becky Bedbug. I adore reading about people’s travel experiences almost as much as I adore watching Eurovision. So Becky’s post on her travels to previous Eurovision host cities was right up my street!
  7. 20 Unpopular Opinions / Things That Grind My Gears Love Laughs Lipstick. Nikki, aside from having gorgeous photos and brilliant product knowledge, could keep me coming back to reading her blog for her writing style alone. This post on 20 unpopular opinions had me laughing to myself on the tube to work. Even though I didn’t agree with all of them (Ed Sheeran is a national treasure!!), the way she writes always puts a smile on my face.
  8. KKW x Kylie Cosmetics – Swatches, Review & Verdict Lady Writes Blog. Although I’ve not yet managed to get my paws on any of the Kylie Cosmetics range, when I saw she was launching a collection with her sister and queen of nude lipstick Kim Kardashian I have to admit I was tempted to place an order. However, with the online queues and budgeting, I didn’t end up buying it. Chloe did manage to pick it up and shares her honest thoughts on the collection. As always, her photos and beauty knowledge is second to none!
  9. Setting a Blog Schedule & Sticking To It  Tea Party Beauty. So as the slightly sporadic posting over the last few weeks has probably given away, I probably needed to read this post more than anyone. Hayley is always on point when it comes to blogging advice so this is a must read.
  10. Tipsy Afternoon Tea At The Sanderson  Being Erica. I am a huge fan of afternoon tea. So, needless to say, I loved Erica’s review of the Sanderson. Well, I loved it.. My bank not so much as I’m now itching to book a trip for myself!

Do you follow any of these lovely lot? If not, are there any other blogs that you’ve been checking out?

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