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Taking a Look at Laser Treatments & Skin Quality || Beauty

I’m fairly open with letting people know that when I was a teenager, I had absolutely awful acne. I tried almost everything I could to get rid of it with the only solution that worked being a course of Roaccutane. One thing I don’t so much let people in on though is that during this period where I would try literally anything to help my skin, I ended up spending quite a lot of money at a laser skin clinic. As I was speaking to someone at the clinic who had money more as a priority than what would actually work for my skin, she failed to tell me that while this course would remove my acne scarring. (Which, to be fair, it did.) It would do absolutely nothing to help treat the live acne I had.

So when I was recently approached by a laser skin company to host a post about laser skin care done right, I was keen to see. So, if you, like me, are keen to find out a little more about various laser treatments, find the information below:


Taking a Look at Laser Treatments and Other Ways to Improve Skin Quality

If you have noticed the quality of your skin is starting to change, you are not alone. It is fairly common for skin to dry out or become thinner with the passage of time. It can also become wrinkled, scarred or otherwise blemished. But, regardless of the skin problems you may be facing, skincare experts offer many possible solutions you can try. One of the biggest categories of skin treatments is laser skin treatment. However, other treatment categories can be equally as effective, if not more so, depending on your situation. Taking a closer look at some of your top options to help you make your decision.

Using Lasers for Better Looking Skin

Lasers are popular skin treatment tools for several reasons. One is they are quick. You can often be in and out of a laser appointment in approximately one hour. Although, the exact length will vary, depending on how much of your skin is being treated. Nevertheless, the fact that it is a quick outpatient procedure makes it a popular option, especially when compared to surgery or other more invasive skin treatment techniques. Other things that make skincare lasers popular include their versatility and diversity. You can find laser machines to treat many different skin issues. For instance, among the various types of tattoo removal treatment is a popular choice. (In fact, on that note Fran here, my friend Sophie has a whole series about her laser tattoo removal here!) However, wrinkle and scar treatment are also popular. So are procedures that focus on the general revitalization of the skin and improving its overall health.

Types of laser machines also vary. For example, you can select from categories like ablative or non-ablative machines. Ablative machines are often responsible for performing procedures involving the top skin layer. Therefore, they are popular because many people want to improve their outward appearances quickly. However, non-ablative treatments that revitalize skin cells below the surface can be equally beneficial. They just sometimes take longer to produce results.

Mild Non-Laser Treatments

The skincare industry has also developed many non-laser treatments from which you can choose. Among them are several mild treatments that may be better for you, if your skin is deemed too sensitive for laser therapy. For example, you may be able to try a “cool” form of light therapy like LED treatment, instead. Such treatments use entirely different wavelengths of light, which do not produce as much heat as lasers. Therefore, the side effect risks are lower. Although, the treatments are milder, so you may need more of them before your skin health improvement will show. Alternatively, you can avoid light-based skin treatments altogether and opt for treatments such as sound wave therapy. Such treatments will target your skin cells with specific sound pulses. The goal of the treatments is to stir up activity within skin cells and trigger natural defences to make your body repair its own cells. Some forms of sound wave treatment include ultrasound and radio frequency therapies. 

More Intense Non-Laser Treatments

If you want to try a more intense form of skin treatment than lasers, chemical peels and microdermabrasion are good options to consider. Both are treatments focused on immediately removing imperfections from the surface of your skin, and occasionally deeper tissues as well. Instead of laser beams, they use chemicals and hand-held “skin sanding” tools, respectively. However, they often create results similar to those created by ablative laser therapy. Of course, you also always have the option of surgery to improve your skin quality. However, surgery can be both risk-filled and expensive. It can also take up a lot of time, which may be inconvenient if you have personal or professional obligations to meet. So, it is best to explore options like those above before you opt for surgical skin corrections.

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