The Benefits Of Travelling Solo* || Travel

January 14, 2019
The Benefits Of Travelling Solo* || Travel

As always around this time of year, I’ve been making my plans and resolutions. One that always comes near the top of my list is to travel more. With that in mind, I’ve realised that I need to be braver and actually travel solo rather than making my plans depend on if my friends can go with me. So, I’ve been doing a lot of research into travelling for alone for the first time. If like me, you’re not sure if it’s the best decision for you or not, then it’s important that you think about all of the pros and cons. (I personally love making lists for this kinda thing, but get that’s not everyone’s bag!)

Many people assume that you should not go alone because of the general safety. And, in fact, my parents at first warned me off doing so because of this. But, it really all comes down to fear and bad decisions. If you’re irresponsible then yeah, of course, you may be more likely to run into trouble, but for the most part, I’m certain it’s just common sense and listening to your gut feelings.

The Benefits Of Travelling Solo* || Travel

The Benefits Of Travelling Solo

People often have this fear about going out alone because it’s intimidating and overwhelming, but this is also what makes it so much fun. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy so it’s completely normal to talk yourself out of things, simply because you don’t believe you’re capable. But when you learn how to mute that voice in your head, you realise just how awesome you are and you’ll begin to surprise yourself. With that self belief, you can push yourself to achieve all the things you wanted to and more!

So, you may have to take a tripod to get some shots of you for the ‘gram, but here are some of the perks of travelling solo.

You’re In Control Of The Plans

In my mind, one of the biggest perks of booking to go solo is that you don’t have to consult anyone else. (Although, it also means not being able to split the cost of things such as hotels, so you may have to budget your adventures a little more). You want to go find a little cafe and people watch? You can! You want to stay in your hotel room, order room service and check out the local tv with snacks you’ve never heard of? Go for it! That museum that most of your friends would find a bit boring? Check it out for the entire day if you want. Travelling solo is all about the freedom it gives you!

Not only are you in charge of the plans while you’re there, but you’re also in charge of where you go. For example, if I had the money to do so I’d love to spend a month travelling around Asia. Namely Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. I’d love to visit some of the capital cities, obviously, but also some of the other, more off the beaten track locations such as Yishun in Singapore.

The Benefits Of Travelling Solo* || Travel

Getting To Know Yourself

I used to be the kind of person that hated being alone. Mostly, I’ve learnt this was because growing up I never wanted to be seen as “a loner”. However, I’ve realised that enjoying your own company is really important. It’s part of the reason I’ll spend an hour or so over the weekend in either a cafe or a pub with a book (or ebook) or watching something on my phone on my own. Normally with either a pot of green tea or a glass of wine depending on my mood. Travelling on your own hopefully means that you’ll learn to enjoy your own company a little more.

You Could Make New Friends

If you’re travelling with friends, in most cases, you won’t bother interacting with other travellers for the majority of your trip. Because, well, you don’t really need to.  But when you’re flying solo, there are more chances for you to chat with people you normally wouldn’t. Especially if you’re staying somewhere like a hostel. It may seem scary at first, and you might be a little nervous. But remember, we’re all human and all appreciate a friendly face. You never know, you might turn into a real social butterfly in the end!

As they say, travelling is the only way to spend money that makes you richer. So, go learn about yourself and the world, and don’t let anyone or anything stop you.

The Benefits Of Travelling Solo* || Travel

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