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“It’s The Little Things In Life” – 27 – May || Life Lately

“It’s The Little Things In Life” – 27 – May || Life Lately

“Little things console us because little things afflict us.” – Blaise Pascal

When it comes to formatting these It’s The Little Things posts, I normally start out by looking through my diary, making a note of key events and then fleshing it out with smaller things I’ve made note of or from my camera roll. Then I head to some kind of daily motivational quotes site to look for a fitting one to put at the top of the post. Why do I mention this, you might wonder? Well, while my criteria are normally “nice, motivational, fits into the idea of appreciating the little things”. Well, for once, it actually feels semi poignant to the month itself as it’s been an emotional rollercoaster, to say the least… Anyway, before I go on too much in this intro, let’s jump into 25 or so happy moments and things from May;

“It’s The Little Things In Life”

  1. A few trips to Westfield with Stu & George to find them suitable suits.
  2. & while we were taking a break, finally trying burgers from Patty & Bun. Oh my gosh, delicious!
  3. Watching the Secrets of the Multi-Level Millionaires: Ellie Undercover – one of the most interesting watches I’ve seen in quite a while.
  4. Downloading lots of new eBooks for my Kindle app. Love starting to read again!
  5. Having a glass of wine or two in the sunshine with my mum.
  6. Going to the opening night of Neverland Beach in Fulham. Such a surreal place to experience!
  7. Treating myself to a few new T-shirts I definitely didn’t need but really don’t regret buying. (These two, are already on the ‘gram, in case you’re wondering 1 & 2)
  8. On a friends recommendation, I picked up some gorgeous new eye makeup brushes by MSQ on eBay. They’re so soft, love them!
  9. Playing Crash Team Racing at the local Brew Dog bar.
  10. Taking a leisurely Sunday walk to Hammersmith. (Even better when it’s for a Nandos…)
  11. Raspberry and basil ice cream from Sourced Market. Not your normal combination, but fresh and super tasty.
  12. Avocado on toast. I hadn’t had it for a month or so and forgot how good it was!
  13. Buying a phone tripod from Amazon with a remote control. Snazzy eh?
  14. Making myself lunches for work on a Sunday night. Always leaves me feeling a bit more prepared for the week…
  15. A cheeky Beautybay order – including my first ever Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz!
  16. Free samples of Diet Coke in the station. A great little pick me up if you ask me.
  17. Getting a massage at work. Deniz from Skyn Deep is magic I swear.
  18. Vrinda and I went to Ole & Stein for a bit of a treat. Mmm, pastry…
  19. Seeing places near work all done up ready for the Chelsea Flower Show.
  20. Going to see the incredible Tom Walker live at The Roundhouse in Camden. If you get a chance to see him live, do it. You won’t regret it.
  21. Checking out the venue for our company summer party and, scoring a free lunch. Result!
  22. Prosecco, it’s just an all-around winner isn’t it?
  23. Realising that McDonald’s do a vegetarian Happy Meal. The nostalgia was real.
  24. Booking an hour and a half lunch at work so I could squeeze a pedicure in before my holidays.
  25. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention? Leah and I had a week away in Rhodes! More on that in another post…

“It’s The Little Things In Life” – 27 – May || Life Lately

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