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“It’s The Little Things In Life” – 30 – August || Life Lately

“It’s The Little Things In Life” – 30 – August || Life Lately

“It’s nice to be important. But, it’s more important to be nice” – Unknown.

August has to go down as one of my favourite months of 2019. So this has been a “It’s The Little Things” post that I’ve been really excited to share. (Although, equally, has made me clock how many posts in my drafts I really ought to finish up writing from then!). August was all about friends. It was a month I met some of the people in person I’d been speaking to daily online, I went on a trip to meet my best friend and her new doggie. And, on that note, here are some more about those and the other things that made me smile;

“It’s The Little Things In Life”

  • Tidying out and streamlining my makeup collection. Goodbye expired lipsticks, here’s to not hoarding them in future…
  • And, on the vain of tidying, I discovered my old yearbook and it was embarrassing but far too funny.
  • Giant pizza slices at Homeslice. One of my favourite pizza places.
  • A fresh set of shiny black nails.
  • Making homemade Thai salmon fishcakes. They were a total success and I was super proud.
  • Back in July, I saw that one of my favourite local bars had closed after only being open for around a year. But, turns out it was just for a refurb and rebrand. So, in August my mum and I went there to check it out. (& I has some banging hummus and pitta!)
  • Nights in the bath with far too much bubble bath and lots of snacks.
  • Going to Derby to see the one and only Becky!
  • & getting to meet her new puppy Hollie who is absolutely precious.
  • Making our own very bootleg espresso martinis and laughing far too hard at quiz shows.
  • Oh, and we went for the most incredible burgers at Annie’s. (My Mexican inspired one even had a little nacho hat!)
  • My lovely friend Cheryl’s brand Shadow Moon Cosmetics launched a neon collection and she named the neon pink after me. I could have cried honestly, how cute!
  • My mum’s prawn and seafood pasta. So tasty and just what I needed after a long day.
  • Catch up drinks with my old work colleague Sophie.
  • Talking of colleagues, it was finally time for my teammate Christina to go on maternity leave & while it was emotional I was super excited for her.
  • Plus, we went out as a team for a gorgeous meal at Rosa’s Thai Cafe. Yummy!
  • The Meet The Queens promo’s for Drag Race UK finally came out. The excitement was real.
  • Aperol Spritz. Enough said…
  • We had a really lovely family BBQ complete with lots of fresh side salad and salsa. A perfect way to enjoy a sunny evening.
  • It was fairly last minute but I ended up with a free ticket to the Drag Ball where I saw Phi Phi O’Hara, Shea Coulee, Jinkx Monsoon, Ginger Minj and Biblegirl perform.
  • I wasn’t alone mind you, I got to meet up with the friends I’d been speaking online to for months before. It was a total blast.
  • And, it broke the ice and meant I wasn’t so nervous to hang out with them at Drag World the next day.
  • Drag World… Well, what can I say about Drag World other than it was incredible. I met some of my favourite queens, saw some great panels and had so many laughs I can’t even count.
  • I also got to meet the lovely Novympia (Nova and Olympia) after their content being something I could always count to put a smile on my face.
  • & finally, treating myself to a few new books which, I should probably get round to reviewing on here…

“It’s The Little Things In Life” – 30 – August || Life Lately

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