• Hometown Tourist #3 - Cheese, Catch-ups & Camden || London

    Hometown Tourist #3 – Cheese, Catch-ups & Camden || London

    October 25, 2017 FrannyMac

    I swear, the last “Hometown Tourist” post I did will have had pretty much the same introduction. At the time I wrote the first one I was regularly heading out with friends, mostly from outside of London and thought it would be a great chance to write about our touristy adventures. However, circumstances change and other than a few fleeting visits – I’ve hardly had a chance to see said friends. Even if we do text every day. So on…

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  • Hometown Tourist - #1 - London Eye & Camden || Travel

    Hometown Tourist – #1 – London Eye & Camden || Travel

    February 8, 2017 FrannyMac

    While spending the day acting like a tourist around London not this weekend but last weekend, it occurred to me that I go on so many day long adventures around the city and, unless I go out with the intention of creating content, I seeming get snap happy without any purpose. I also love reading peoples “24 hours in” travel posts. So I thought why not combine them and do a series of blog posts about when I decide to spend a day…

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  • Porky's BBQ Camden || Food & Drink

    Porky’s BBQ Camden || Food & Drink

    September 28, 2016 FrannyMac

    A few years ago, while living in Sheffield a restaurant called Smoke opened in the city centre which ignited my love of BBQ food. While London is home to a whole host of fabulous restaurants, I hadn’t quite found anything like Smoke that could satisfy my cravings for BBQ. So when I wandered past Porky’s in Camden, I knew I’d have to give it a try. After all, in my mind, there isn’t a better way to spend an evening…

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  • Cereal Killer Cafe Camden || London

    March 23, 2016 FrannyMac

    When Cereal Killer Cafe first opened on Brick Lane in 2014 it’s safe to say it got a lot of flack in the press. Hipster jokes were made and the owners, twins Alan and Gary Keer, came under fire for charging £4 for a bowl of cereal even though their concept is a little more complicated than that. Despite this initial blip, Cereal Killer Cafe has gone from strength to strength and last year the twins opened a second, much…

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  • 5 Happy Things – #33 – May || Life Lately

    5 Happy Things – #33 – May || Life Lately

    September 16, 2019 FrannyMac

    I know I often start these 5 Happy Things posts by joking about how they’re slightly late. But, even by my standards, this one is late. With a capital L. (& a capital A… And so on!) When I previously said this, I’d apologize with some kind of excuse as to why I’ve just been too busy. This time, I don’t have that excuse. I just simply had a little bit of time where I’d fallen out of blogging. I…

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  • “It’s The Little Things In Life” – 27 – May || Life Lately

    “It’s The Little Things In Life” – 27 – May || Life Lately

    July 8, 2019 FrannyMac

    “Little things console us because little things afflict us.” – Blaise Pascal When it comes to formatting these It’s The Little Things posts, I normally start out by looking through my diary, making a note of key events and then fleshing it out with smaller things I’ve made note of or from my camera roll. Then I head to some kind of daily motivational quotes site to look for a fitting one to put at the top of the post.…

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  • Ahoy Captain! Setting Sail with GoBoat Paddington || London

    Ahoy Captain! Setting Sail with GoBoat Paddington || London

    June 12, 2019 FrannyMac

    When my best friend Becky comes to visit, we’ve found ourselves with a few different traditions. While they cover a broad section of things including different animals we love to befriend, food choices we’ll often make, places to visit and photos to take. One of the main ones, when we’re in London, involves heading to Camden. Normally this is on a Sunday before Becky needs to catch the train home. So, when I recently got the chance to hire a…

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  • 5 Happy Things - #25 - September || Life Lately

    5 Happy Things – #25 – September || Life Lately

    November 14, 2018 FrannyMac

    I know, I know, these 5 Happy Things always seem to start with an apology that it’s far more delayed than I planned. However, with all that’s been going on lately, I do have an excuse as to why it’s extra delayed instead of just the “I post it towards the mid to end of the month following” kind of late and more the “girl, this is almost 2 months late. Are you sure it’s worth posting?” kind of late. (I mean, I’m not…

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  • 5 Happy Things - #24 - August || Life Lately

    5 Happy Things – #24 – August || Life Lately

    October 1, 2018 FrannyMac

    “5 Happy Things from August? Fran, it’s October 1st. What are you doing?” – well, the simple answer is I didn’t quite want to skip doing a month of these after I’ve done it for the past two years. It’s also nice to walk down memory lane and give myself a slight prompt as to if there are any posts I should probably have written already. Oh dear. Anyway, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the…

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