Hometown Tourist #3 – Cheese, Catch-ups & Camden || London

I swear, the last “Hometown Tourist” post I did will have had pretty much the same introduction. At the time I wrote the first one I was regularly heading out with friends, mostly from outside… View Post

Hometown Tourist – #1 – London Eye & Camden || Travel

While spending the day acting like a tourist around London not this weekend but last weekend, it occurred to me that I go on so many day long adventures around the city and, unless I go… View Post

Porky’s BBQ Camden || Food & Drink

A few years ago, while living in Sheffield a restaurant called Smoke opened in the city centre which ignited my love of BBQ food. While London is home to a whole host of fabulous restaurants,… View Post

Cereal Killer Cafe Camden || London

When Cereal Killer Cafe first opened on Brick Lane in 2014 it’s safe to say it got a lot of flack in the press. Hipster jokes were made and the owners, twins Alan and Gary… View Post

5 Happy Things – #33 – May || Life Lately

I know I often start these 5 Happy Things posts by joking about how they’re slightly late. But, even by my standards, this one is late. With a capital L. (& a capital A… And… View Post

“It’s The Little Things In Life” – 27 – May || Life Lately

“Little things console us because little things afflict us.” – Blaise Pascal When it comes to formatting these It’s The Little Things posts, I normally start out by looking through my diary, making a note… View Post

Ahoy Captain! Setting Sail with GoBoat Paddington || London

When my best friend Becky comes to visit, we’ve found ourselves with a few different traditions. While they cover a broad section of things including different animals we love to befriend, food choices we’ll often… View Post

5 Happy Things – #25 – September || Life Lately

I know, I know, these 5 Happy Things always seem to start with an apology that it’s far more delayed than I planned. However, with all that’s been going on lately, I do have an excuse as to… View Post

5 Happy Things – #24 – August || Life Lately

“5 Happy Things from August? Fran, it’s October 1st. What are you doing?” – well, the simple answer is I didn’t quite want to skip doing a month of these after I’ve done it for the… View Post