• Candy K Dupe ColourPop Kylie Lip Kit

    Candy K Lip Kit Dupe by ColourPop || Beauty

    July 18, 2016 Fran Mcmonagle

    As I mentioned in my ColourPop haul, missing out on a Kylie Cosmetics release sparked me to place an order. If you’re not familiar with Kylie’s range, three “Lip Kits” started it all- Candy K, True Brown K and Dolce K. Since then the range has rapidly expanded to a further nine lip kits, glosses and even metallic finishes. Despite the excitement around each new launch, the lip kits still have a cult following. Each kit contains a matching liquid to matte lipstick and liner designed to help…

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  • The A – Z of Me || Life Lately

    July 15, 2016 Fran Mcmonagle

    Minus writing about what I’ve been up to (or wearing, or buying..) I don’t really put a lot about myself on my blog despite the fact I love reading more about the people behind my favourite blogs. So when I saw Lady Writes do an “A To Z of Me” post I thought I’d nab the idea myself;

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  • European Travel Bucket List || Travel

    July 10, 2016 Fran Mcmonagle

    One of my aims for 2016 was to spend less money on material things and more on seeing the world. To be completely honest, with a few unexpected expenses this plan hasn’t gone anywhere near as well as hoped and I’ve found myself spending the first half of 2016 without leaving the UK. Although this originally got me a little down, I recently found out I have around 3 weeks of holiday left to use before the end of the year…

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  • Seventeen Skin Wow Concealer

    Seventeen Skin WOW Concealer || Beauty

    June 29, 2016 Fran Mcmonagle

    Whenever a unique or ground breaking high end item of makeup launches it’s normally only a matter of time until a strikingly similar product launches by a more budget friendly brand. While these can often be testament to the you get what you pay for manta, sometimes you find a real gem of a product that is practically identical in quality but at a fraction of the price. So, with this in mind when I heard that Seventeen‘s Skin WOW Concealer was a dupe for…

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  • Quick & Easy Hummus Recipe || Food & Drink

    June 27, 2016 Fran Mcmonagle

    If there’s one thing I can just eat and eat and eat, it’s hummus. Be it with crackers, carrot sticks or being a little more extravagant and on crusty bread – it’s just so moreish. It’s also one of those items that I pick up on every shop in various flavours but have never even thought to have made my own until I saw someone mention it on Facebook. With this light bulb moment I decided to hunt down a recipe…

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  • Friday Favourites -- My Favourite Blog Posts This Month

    Favourite Blog Posts In June || Friday Favourites

    June 24, 2016 Fran Mcmonagle

    As I mentioned when I shared my favourite posts in May, I spend a lot of time reading various blogs but don’t feel like I really share content I’ve enjoyed enough. Since I had a lot of fun scouting out and sharing my favourite posts last month, I thought I’d make it a monthly thing! So here are some of the blog posts I’ve really enjoyed reading over the last 30 or so days;

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  • Five Happy Things - Life Lately

    Five Happy Things || Life Lately

    June 22, 2016 Fran Mcmonagle

    Although I love living in London, I have to admit that at times it can be a little lonely. While many of my friends live in city, us all working long days teamed with an hours travel each way and the lack of a night tube sometimes makes it difficult to just to make spontaneous dinner plans or pop round to share a bottle of wine. So when I was having a bit of a down day last week, I…

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