• 5 Things I'm Adding To My Spring Wardrobe* || Fashion

    5 Things I’m Adding To My Spring Wardrobe* || Fashion

    February 1, 2019 FrannyMac

    I don’t treat myself to clothes as often as I used to. Mostly because, well, when I moved and had to sort my wardrobe I found so many pieces of “fast fashion” I’d picked up on a whim and only worn once. Many of them I couldn’t see me wearing again. And, with the knowledge that I’d probably paid less than £15 for most of them, I didn’t think it was worth the effort and fees of listing, selling and shipping them. So…

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  • 5 Things Every Winter Wardrobe Needs* || Fashion

    5 Things Every Winter Wardrobe Needs* || Fashion

    January 23, 2019 FrannyMac

    Let’s be honest here if you take a look at my Instagram you’ll know that for me winter means an excuse to wear faux fur on any occasion. But, for some people, I know that it’s not their cup of tea. It’s lovely to wrap up warm in cosy jumpers and lots of layers. But as winter drags on, it can be difficult to find your inner style inspiration and not just feel like you’re living through groundhog day. (2nd of February,…

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  • Race Day Inspiration & Wishlist For Newbury || Fashion

    Race Day Inspiration & Wishlist For Newbury || Fashion

    May 5, 2017 FrannyMac

    As you may have seen on my Twitter, next weekend I’m heading of to Newbury races for the Al Shaqab Lockinge Day. Personally, I love getting glammed up and having a little bet (or a flutter as my grandad used to say) so I’m really excited already! As part of their #WinInStyle competition Newbury Racecourse are not only providing a £5 off code if you enter FUN17 at the checkout when buying your ticket for the Al Shaqab Lockinge Day, but also a…

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  • My Favourite "Vintage" Shirt || OOTD - FrannyMac

    My Favourite “Vintage” Versace Style Shirt || OOTD

    September 14, 2016 FrannyMac

    Last weekend, before Scarlett‘s #BloggersFestival, I met up with the lovely Laura and Pippa for a catch up over lunch. Both of them had previously made plans to take outfit photos prior to the event. So, I offered to help out taking photos for the both of them. However they managed to, after much “oh no I’m no good at having my photo taken” from me, convince me to get in front of the camera as well. Admittedly, I always feel a little awkward…

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