• #HerbalRecovery - Evening with Jurlique & Jam Jar Flowers || Beauty

    #HerbalRecovery – Evening with Jurlique & Jam Jar Flowers || Beauty

    August 18, 2017 FrannyMac

    I love being around fresh flowers. I always have a bunch in the house, I don’t know what it is but they just brighten my mood. So when I got the chance to learn about the art of hand tying flowers at the Jurlique store on Oxford Street, safe to say it sounded right up my street. “What does a luxury skincare brand have to do with flower arranging though?” you may ask – well, Jurlique have recently launched their Herbal…

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  • Arena Flowers - Luxury Flowers and Bouquets || £50 Voucher Giveaway

    Arena Flowers – Luxury Flowers and Bouquets || Giveaway

    August 26, 2016 FrannyMac

    I just love having flowers in my home. Living in a rented apartment means that as much as I’d like to go on a redecoration spree, my landlord would probably not be best pleased. (Even if I do think I have good taste..). So, with white walls a plenty, flowers are and easy way to brighten up the place and add a little bit of extra colour. The best bit? I can change the colour scheme every week depending on my mood.…

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  • Luxury Bouquets With Prestige Flowers || Life Lately

    June 15, 2016 FrannyMac

    I know this isn’t a cool to admit and definitely not something I should be confessing on my blog, but I was bought my first ever bunch of flowers for Valentines Day aged 21. On paper that doesn’t sound at all that bad, however I missed out one key detail; they weren’t bought by a secret admirer or someone I was dating at the time but instead by my dad who felt sorry for me not having a date when…

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  • Columbia Road Flower Market || London

    January 14, 2016 FrannyMac

    As I mentioned on my London Treats post a few weeks back, Columbia Road Flower Market is one of the only things that can make me want to get up early on a Sunday morning. It is situated in the East End near Brick Lane and Spitalfields and on every Sunday between 8am and 3pm. Although going early is advised if you want to get the pick of the plants and flowers on offer, lots of stalls were almost sold out by…

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  • Bloom & Wild Letterbox Flowers || Lifestyle

    October 28, 2015 FrannyMac

    As someone with a slight online shopping addiction (okay maybe just a shopping addiction full stop..) missing post and having to find the time to go to the post office has been the cause of a lot of stress. It sounds such a stupid thing, but when I pay for next day delivery to get a dress before a party, finding one of those dreaded “Sorry you were out” slips is absolutely gutting. So, much to the office managers despite,…

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