• Shoreditch iPhone Photowalk with Three || London

    Shoreditch iPhone Photowalk with Three || London

    December 10, 2018 FrannyMac

    As I mentioned in my 5 Happy Things for September, with the release of the new iPhone XS and iPhone XR I finally upgraded my phone. I mean, it was about time as my trusty iPhone 7 was on its last legs. I mean, with its broken speaker after a fall into a soapy bath and a screen with a corner crack after another fall (this time not into a bath!). I’m surprised I didn’t cave and upgrade earlier… Anyway, I…

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  • 12 Essential Apps For Bloggers || Blogging Tips

    February 22, 2016 FrannyMac

    As a blogger well okay even before I blogged I find myself hooked to my phone. It’s where I do most of my social networking, my every day camera and also a source of entertainment whenever I’m on my commute. I often find myself downloading and trying new apps when it comes to editing photos and making life a little bit easier but here are the ones that I consistently go back to using.

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